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Fall 2024 Book Club

Welcome to the Wiggins Memorial Library Teaching Resource Center Summer book club! We are reading Relationship-Rich Education, How Human Connections Drive Success in College by Peter Felten and Leo M. Lambert. You may have encountered this text through the Belong webinar series earlier this year or heard of the two authors as they are local here to Elon University.

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Access to the ebook is available through the following link on the library website:

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Spring 2024 Schedule

In this conversation, we will discuss topics that came up during the TRC Book Club's reading of The Impact of a Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success edited by Erin M. Bentrim. Our last book club group who read this book was struck by the quote, "Higher education has retained a bias in the direction of welcoming "college-ready students" rather than transforming into an ecosystem of "student-ready colleges"" (McNair et al., 2016). Join us in discussing this idea of building a "student-ready college."

The workshop is open to faculty and staff who have read the book, those planning to join the TRC Book Club this semester, or those who have an interest in the topic. If you would like to read the book this semester with your colleagues, please sign up - discussions will start in mid-February.

Led by Eric Dunnum, English Department

Please join your colleague Eric Dunnum, Associate Professor of English, to discuss artificial intelligence in the discipline of writing. Dr. Dunnum will discuss the importance of academic and ethical writing. We will explore the impact of artificial intelligence on writing, not just in the discipline of English, but across all disciplines. If you are interested in discussing this topic and learning tools for improving your students' writing, this is the workshop for you!

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Please join other Campbell faculty and staff in the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) on February 28th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. to watch the Belong webinar, 'Connections Are Everything: Fostering Campus Cultures of Learning, Belonging and Thriving,' which will feature DEI practitioners and experts addressing issues of inclusivity and belonging on college campuses. We look forward to seeing you at the “watch party” in the TRC.

See additional Campbell resources on the pedagogy of belonging:

Panelists: Wendy Bryant, Assistant Director of Student Affairs Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine, and Tonia Lynn Hunt, MLS Candidate

The library workshop will focus on Native American student perspectives. The workshop will be a panel discussion with two educators in higher education, one of whom is from the Coharie and the other from a Lumbee Indian background. Our panelists will discuss the challenges faced by Native American students and marginalized groups in higher education and consider how to address them.

Handout-Native American Perspective

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Are you a junior faculty looking to kick start your research agenda? Are you a not-so-junior faculty looking to enhance your research? Would you like to plug in with other scholars at Campbell? Then attend our first-of-its-kind, campus-wide meeting where a panel of Campbell scholars will share their experiences and approaches to successful research at Campbell. The panel will also answer YOUR questions about research and publication. The panel includes scholars from a variety of disciplines, including past recipients of the D. P. Russ, Jr. and Walter S. Jones, Sr. Alumni Award for Research Excellence.

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This opportunity will allow faculty and students to learn from each other about uses of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Topics of discussion include examples of how students have used AI or seen it used and concerns they may have. The workshop aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for students to share their experiences with AI in academia and for faculty and staff to listen to their perspectives about how it impacts their lives both now and in the future.

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Webinar "Watch Party" - Put Your Own Mask on First: Educators Providing Self-Care in Today's Environment. We look forward to seeing you at the "watch party in the TRC.

See additional Campbell resources on the pedagogy of belonging:

This spring, the Teaching Resource Center will host discussions on the book, The Impact of a Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success, edited by Erin M. Bentrim.

Access to the ebook is available through the following link on the Library website:

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Past Workshops & Events

Lead a Workshop

Leading a workshop is a fantastic opportunity to share your interests, passions, and research with your fellow faculty and staff members. Sharing of ideas and information facilitates collaboration and learning among our community and can empower our faculty with new skills.

Please reach out to Jennifer Seagraves, Instructional Pedagogy and Curriculum Materials Librarian, to discuss your workshop topic and goals, and we will help with the rest.

Please note that we strive to have workshops that are open and inclusive to all faculty regardless of subject area, faculty status, or department.