Virtual Symposium for Distance Learners

Wiggins Memorial Library invites you to participate in the 5th Annual Academic Symposium through our Virtual Symposium, new this year. The Virtual Symposium provides an important opportunity for distance learners to share their research with the Campbell community.

To participate in the Virtual Symposium, distance learners must be nominated by a professor. If accepted, students will record a slidecast, a PowerPoint presentation synched with audio narration. The Virtual Symposium will feature the pre-recorded slidecasts, with showings occurring during the Symposium at Wiggins Memorial Library on the day of the Academic Symposium, March 23, 2015. This enhances the symposium experience for in-person attendees while allowing distance learners to share their research and gain valuable experience in synthesizing and presenting ideas virtually. Slidecasts will be available online following the Academic Symposium.

If you would like to participate in the 2015 Virtual Symposium, consult with the professor who assigned the project you want present. Have the professor nominate your work before January 31, 2015.