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Fall 2023 Schedule

Led by Jennifer Seagraves, Wiggins Memorial Library

Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning most simply means bringing an awareness and understanding to the lives of our students who have experienced trauma, violence, and victimization. It encourages thought on how we can bring awareness and accommodations into our institutional policies and practices, and keep the experiences of our trauma survivors in mind. Through research, personal experience, and with the added input of mental health professionals, Jennifer will bring awareness to this pedagogy, share resources, and open a conversation with faculty and staff on how to incorporate trauma-informed pedagogy approaches in higher education.

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Please join your colleagues to watch and discuss the following webinars in the Teaching Resource Center on the third floor of Wiggins Memorial Library.

Tuesday, September 19, 2-3 pm ET
Title: Strategies for Fostering Inclusive Campus Communities

Tuesday, November 7, 2-3 pm ET
Title: Best Practices to Create an Inclusive Campus Environment

Please register for the webinar if you are attending the watch party so you can access the recording and your attendance is recorded.

Led by Dr. Terrie Hampton-Jones, Professional Education

Technology usage in the classroom has skyrocketed in the last 10 to 15 years, and Covid-19 has taught us that technology integration is essential. This workshop will provide a list of applications and techniques to engage students through lesson delivery effectively. Effective educators understand the benefits of integrating technology in the classroom and finding new ways to make lessons meaningful.

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Panelists: Brooke Taxakis, Wiggins Memorial Library, Dr. Dean Farmer, Communication Studies, and Borree Kwok, Associate Provost for Administration & Academic Success

A panel of Campbell faculty including Brooke Taxakis, Dean Farmer, and Borree Kwok will share their experiences with the training offered through Belong, a network of private independent colleges and universities developed by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). Panelists will discuss what they learned, what value it brought to their roles as educators, and Campbell's sense of belonging.

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Led by Rev. Louisa Ward, Spiritual Life, and Kellie Nothstine, Campus Life

This session will address tools and resources that will help faculty empower our students to develop their agency and advocacy inside and outside the classroom. Participants will read The Illusion of a Frictionless Existence to reflect on the "generation of fragility" and "risk-averse students," discuss pedagogical trends in the current generation of college students, and if these trends reflect our student population. Faculty will connect these trends and skill-building concepts to the university’s well-being commitments.

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This fall, the Teaching Resource Center will host discussions on the book, The Impact of a Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success, edited by Erin M. Bentrim.

Access to the ebook is available through the following link on the Library website:

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Past Workshops & Events

Lead a Workshop

Leading a workshop is a fantastic opportunity to share your interests, passions, and research with your fellow faculty and staff members. Sharing of ideas and information facilitates collaboration and learning among our community and can empower our faculty with new skills.

Please reach out to Jennifer Seagraves, Instructional Pedagogy and Curriculum Materials Librarian, to discuss your workshop topic and goals, and we will help with the rest.

Please note that we strive to have workshops that are open and inclusive to all faculty regardless of subject area, faculty status, or department.