Time: 3:00
Room: 312
Presenter(s): Jacob Wells
Title: Stimulation of the CB1 Receptor With Synthetic and Natural Cannabinoids Induces Seizures With Varying Efficacy in Mice
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Breivogel , Pharmaceutical Sciences

With the emergence of recreational marijuana and synthetic cannabinoid products, interest in the toxicological effects of cannabinoids is on the rise. When injected with a variety of cannabinoids, it was found that mice experienced seizures in a dose-dependent manner and to varying degrees depending on the drug. Future experiments will test the hypothesis that seizure severity correlates with affinity for CB1 cannabinoid receptors. To clarify the mechanism, a series of antagonist reversal experiments will be done with either a CB1 or CB2 antagonist before the cannabinoid treatment.