Time: 10:00
Room: 225
Presenter(s): Caleb Newton
Title:  “El Cóndor Pasa”: How the Fine Arts Can Politically Influence the Nations
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Rene Ibarra , Spanish

The fine arts are a powerful tool in shaping a nation, for when they can capture the past in all aspects, they can speak identity into that nation. A great example of this is Daniel Alomía Robles’ Peruvian work, “El cóndor pasa”. He contributed to Peruvian identity through creating this zarzuela. This presentation will highlight the importance of political literature and understanding the reality of political situations in Perú. By performing an in-depth study of the tragedies that befell the indígenas in Perú, I can prove why it is crucial to study political literature and other modes of fine art.