8th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 11:30
Room: 225
Presenter(s): Arnaldo Marcano-Flores
Title: The Literary Reflection of Puerto Rican Colonialism in “El medio pollito” by Rosario Ferré
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Rene Ibarra , Spanish

Puerto Rico was one of the countries that before the Hispano-American war was fighting for independence. Followed by more than a hundred years of Colonialism with the invasion of the United States, Puerto Rico had an uprising of recognized poets and writers. “El medio pollito” by Rosario Ferre, is an example of one of these literary works. Actions such as the enactment of laws that prohibited the exhibition of the Puerto Rican flag, the persecution of those who had political independence ideals, and the appointment of governors by the United States reflect the ongoing political repression on the island during these times. For this investigation, the short story of “El medio pollito” will be contrasted and compared with different historical facts that happened on the island and explain how this short story exemplifies a revolutionary character in response to the Colonialism endured over many years.