8th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 9:00
Room: 303
Presenter(s): Colin Kroll
Title: The Lunchtime Devil: Acedia in the Eucharistic Liturgy
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Cameron Jorgenson , Divinity

The Lord’s Supper has traditionally been maintained as the central act of Christian worship. In many churches, however, the observance of the Holy Sacrament is often underwhelming. I suggest that the source of the diminishment of the eucharistic experience is the vice, acedia. Acedia, or sloth, is the habit of soul characterized by sadness over the demands of God’s divine love. As trends continue to remove congregants from communion with one another and with God in the eucharistic liturgy, it must be explored in what ways those trends are rooted in a withdrawal from the divine love.