8th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 9:00
Room: 225
Presenter(s): Camden Johnston
Title: Sex Differences in Ankle, Knee, Hip, and Torso Angles During a Drop Jump Task
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Bunn , Physical Therapy

Thirty-one Division 1 collegiate athletes participated in the study to determine sex differences in the torso flexion, ankle flexion, knee flexion, and hip flexion angle upon impact from a drop jump. Participants completed five jumps from a 30-cm box followed by a maximum vertical jump attempt. Three-dimensional motion capture was used to assess the kinematics which included placing reflective anatomical markers on the participants, and the attempts were recorded using 12 infrared cameras. There was no significant difference by sex for ankle, knee, hip, or torso flexion angle changes, but there was a difference in vertical jump height.