8th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 12:30
Room: 312
Presenter(s): Kyle Admire, Julia Brogdon, and Brian Gorman
Title: Use of Anti-tNASP Antibody for Cancer Detection
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Oleg Alekseev , Osteopathic Medicine

We offer exploration into possible diagnostics for common cancers based on the expression of tNASP protein, normally immunologically protected behind the blood-testis barrier. Aberrant expression of tNASP protein in cancer tissues induces robust humoral immune response easily detected by ELISA. We tested sera of controls (10) and patients with bladder, brain, breast, endometrial, gastrointestinal, lung, ovarian, skin, soft-tissue, thyroid, or urinary malignancies (total = 129). ELISA demonstrated significantly higher levels of serum anti-tNASP antibody in the majority of investigated malignant tumors compared to the control group, showing that detection of serum anti-tNASP antibodies is a feasible approach for screening of malignant tumors.