Overnight Study Area Information & Hours

The second floor of Wiggins Library is open to students with a valid Campbell ID card after the main library is closed. Students can swipe their Campbell ID card to open the door to the left of the library entrance in order to gain access to the overnight study area on the second floor. Only the second floor is accessible for overnight study; no other area of the library, or library services, are available overnight. The overnight study area is monitored by a security guard.

Wiggins Memorial Library Spring 2022 Exam Overnight Hours*

2nd floor overnight study will be available when the regular library closes according to the following schedule beginning on Sunday, April 24:

April. 24-April 293am-7:30am
April 309pm-2pm
May 1-33am-7:30am
May 46pm-7:30am
May 55pm-12am
May 65pm-12am
May 79am-5pm
May 82pm-12am
May 9-May 125pm-12am

After May 12 overnight study will not be available until Fall 2022 classes begin.