New Books in August 2018

Books acquired by the libraries in August 2018 are listed below. The books are listed in the order of their call numbers.

-- B --

BF175 .J8313 1990
The archetypes and the collective unconscious / translated by R.F.C. Hull

BF575 .A3 M445 2010
Microaggressions and marginality : manifestation, dynamics, and impact / edited by Derald Wing Sue

BF575 .A3 S88 2010
Microaggressions in everyday life : race, gender, and sexual orientation / Derald Wing Sue

BJ1251 .G85 1999
The good life : where morality and spirituality converge / Richard M. Gula

BL48 .G7 1989
A new vision of reality : Western science, Eastern mysticism and Christian faith / Bede Griffiths ; edited by Felicity Edwards

BM530 .E53132 1974
The Hebrew fragments of Pseudo-Philo's Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum preserved in the Chronicles of Jerahmeel / edited and translated by Daniel J. Harrington

BR115 .L28 1989
Crime and its victims : what we can do / Daniel W. Van Ness

BR515 .R96 2004
The externally focused church / by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson

BR516 .M253 1987
Separation of church and state : guarantor of religious freedom / Robert L. Maddox

BR563 .N4 M33 1990
Come Sunday : the liturgy of Zion / William B. McClain

BS475 .C383
The Christian approach to the Bible

BS491.2 .S6 V.1 SUPPL.
Genesis 1-25A / by Kathleen M. O'Connor

BS491.2 .S6 V.1
Genesis 1-25A / by Kathleen M. O'Connor

BS491.3 .N4 M35 2018
The letter to the Colossians / Scot Mcknight

BS1181.8 .G34 2017
Womanist Midrash : a reintroduction to the women of the Torah and the throne / Wilda C. Gafney

BS1235.53 .O26 2018 SUPPL.
Genesis 1-25A / by Kathleen M. O'Connor

BS1235.53 .O26 2018
Genesis 1-25A / by Kathleen M. O'Connor

BS1355.53 .S54 2018
Ezra and Nehemiah / David J. Shepherd & Christopher J.H. Wright

BS1635.53 .T46 2018
Habakkuk / Heath A. Thomas

BS2415 .W4 1892 V.2
The teachings of Jesus

BS2445 .M5713 1982
The women around Jesus / Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel ; [translated by John Bowden]

BS2715.53 .M35 2018
The letter to the Colossians / Scot Mcknight

BS2415 .W4 1892 V.1
The teachings of Jesus

BT75.2 .P57
Catholic faith in a process perspective / Norman Pittenger

BT82.2 .K53 2002
Ten things I learned wrong from a conservative church / John Killinger

BT121 .T35 1955
The Holy Spirit of God / by W.H. Griffith Thomas

BT202 .C5445 1989
Christology : the center and the periphery / edited by Frank K. Flinn

BT780 .C58
Conversion, perspectives on personal and social transformation / edited by Walter E. Conn

BV10.3 .C43 2009
Christ-centered worship : letting the Gospel shape our practice / Bryan Chapell

BV15 .D78 2002
The wonder of worship : why we worship the way we do / Keith Drury

BV199 .M3 S73 1983
Nuptial blessing : a study of Christian marriage rites / Kenneth Stevenson

BV600.3 .T44 2003
The presence based church / Terry Teykl, Lynn Ponder

BV630 .R85 1954
The dilemma of church and state

BV652.5 .H382 1992
Reopening the back door : answers to questions about ministering to inactive members / Kenneth C. Haugk

BV3790 .L47 1982
Speaking of Jesus : finding the words for witness / Richard Lischer

BV3790 .R533 2000
Evangelism outside the box : new ways to help people experience the Good News / Rick Richardson

BV3795 .D45 2003
Holy boldness : practices of an evangelistic lifestyle / Paul R. Dekar

BV4011 .B79 2007
The new guidebook for pastors / by James W. Bryant and Mac Brunson

BV4211.3 .H69 2011
The beauty of the Word : the challenge and wonder of preaching / James C. Howell

BV4211.3 .T83 2012.
A pastor preaching : toward a theology of the proclaimed word / William Powell Tuck

BV4235 .S76 K45 2012
Preaching to connect truth to life : the power of narrative to tell the story / Benji Kelley

BV4490 .H513
The spirituality of the Middle Ages / by Jean Leclercq, Franūcois Vandenbroucke [and] Louis Bouyer ; [translated from the French] by the Benedictines of Holme Eden Abbey, Carlisle

BV4501.2 .J585
Journey into Christ / Alan W. Jones

BV4592.2 .C75 2005
Perspectives : a spiritual life guide for twentysomethings / Colin Creel

BV4637 .M34 1990
In Jesus we trust / George A. Maloney

BV4780 .S4 P5 1955
The Christian interpretation of sex, by Otto A. Piper

BV4817 .S55 2000
Beyond the shadows : embracing authentic worship / T.C. Smith

BV5091 .C7 D86 1993
Love's mind : an essay on contemplative life / John S. Dunne

BV5091 .C7 M283 1989
The way of unknowing

BX2215.3 .P74 2006
Preaching at the Double Feast : homiletics for Eucharistic worship / edited by Michael Monshau ; contributors, Linda L. Clader [and others]

BX2350.2 .G767 1990
The reform of renewal / Benedict J. Groeschel

BX2350.2 .W55
Experiencing Jesus / John Wijngaards

BX5990 .S36 2002
Glorious companions : five centuries of Anglican spirituality / Richard H. Schmidt

BX6333 .P675 I7 1996
Is life fair? : good word for hard times / Charles E. Poole

BX6495 .P65
Chosen : the mission & message of Frank Pollard / by Bob Pittman

BX8762 .Z8 C38 2006X
Azusa East : the life and times of G.B. Cashwell / by Doug Beacham

BX9418 .J713 2009
John Calvin, reformer for the 21st century / William Stacy Johnson

-- C --

CB353 .A98 2018
Authenticity, medievalism, music / edited by Karl Fugelso

Brain boogie boosters / the Learning Station & Becky Bailey

Kindness counts / Mr. Al, Becky Bailey

-- D --

D 1.2:G 93
Forging a total force : the evolution of the Guard and Reserve / Forrest L. Marion, Jon T. Hoffman

DA332 .J64 2017
So great a prince : the accession of Henry VIII: 1509 / Lauren Johnson

DA447 .P4 W62 2017
The curious world of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn / Margaret Willes

DA590 .W49 2016
The Queen / A.N. Wilson

DA592 .B53 2017
A history of Britain : 1945 to Brexit / Jeremy M. Black

DC611 .N862 H34 2017
Norman rule in Normandy, 911-1144 / Mark Hagger

DD247 .H5 W366 2017
Becoming Hitler : the making of a Nazi / Thomas Weber

DG867.2 .D38 2017
Where three worlds met : Sicily in the early medieval Mediterranean / Sarah Davis-Secord

DK43 .P56 2017
Lost kingdom : the quest for empire and the making of the Russian nation, from 1470 to the present / Serhii Plokhy

DK265 .E476 2018
Russia in flames : war, revolution, civil war, 1914-1921 / Laura Engelstein

DK290.3 .G67 T39 2017
Gorbachev : his life and times / William Taubman

DK508.846 .S55 2017
The Ukrainian night : an intimate history of revolution / Marci Shore

DR728 .H85 2017
Istanbul : a tale of three cities / Bettany Hughes

DS109.916 .L37 2017
Medieval Jerusalem : forging an Islamic city in spaces sacred to Christians and Jews / Jacob Lassner

DS122 .S523 2017
Judea under Roman domination : the first generation of statelessness and its legacy / Nadav Sharon

DT14 .O97 2010 V.1
The Oxford encyclopedia of African thought / F. Abiola Irele, Biodun Jeyifo, editors in chief

DT14 .O97 2010 V.2
The Oxford encyclopedia of African thought / F. Abiola Irele, Biodun Jeyifo, editors in chief

DT21.5 .S73 2013 V.1
A military history of Africa / Timothy J. Stapleton

DT21.5 .S73 2013 V.2
A military history of Africa / Timothy J. Stapleton

DT21.5 .S73 2013 V.3
A military history of Africa / Timothy J. Stapleton

DVD 2595 POP
Clarence Darrow / directed by John Houseman

-- E --

E99 .O3 R3725 2013
The heart of everything that is : the untold story of Red Cloud, an American legend / Bob Drury and Tom Clavin

E310 .C795 2018
The price of greatness : Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the creation of American oligarchy / Jay Cost

E628 .C575 2016
Stepdaughters of history : southern women and the American Civil War / Catherine Clinton

E835 .H56 2018
The age of Eisenhower : America and the world in the 1950s / William I. Hitchcock

E836 .N5295 2017
Ike and McCarthy : Dwight Eisenhower's secret campaign against Joseph McCarthy / David A. Nichols

-- F --

F1219.76 .E36 H57 2016
The Aztec Economic World : Merchants and Markets in Ancient Mesoamerica / Kenneth G. Hirth, Department of Anthropology, Penn State University

F1296 .A65 2017
Contesting conquest : indigenous perspectives on the Spanish occupation of Nueva Galicia / Ida Altman

F1419 .J4 J515 2017
Jews and Jewish identities in Latin America : historical, cultural, and literary perspectives / edited by Margalit Bejarano, Yaron Harel, Marta F. Topel, Margalit Yosifon ; coordinator, Ora Kobelkowsky (Dahan Center, Bar Ilan University)

-- G --

GV181.43 .P75 2018
Effective leadership in adventure programming / Simon Priest, PhD, Michael Gass, PhD, University of New Hampshire

GV865 .A1 W4197 2017
Latino stars in major league baseball : from Bobby Abreu to Carlos Zambrano / Jonathan Weeks

GV951 .H582 2015
Is there life after football? : surviving the NFL / James A. Holstein, Richard S. Jones & George E. Koonce, Jr

GV956.6 .R66 2017
Coaching youth football / American Youth Football with Joe Galat

-- H --

HD58.7 .L57 2016
The surprising power of liberating structures : simple rules to unleash a culture of innovation / Henri Lipmanowicz, Keith McCandless

HD4901 .F66 1994
The reinvention of work : a new vision of livelihood for our time / Matthew Fox

HQ1075 .E62 2017
No shortcut to change : an unlikely path to a more gender-equitable world / Kara Ellerby

HQ1075 .S7726 2018
The gender identity workbook for kids : a guide to exploring who you are / Kelly Storck, LCSW ; foreword by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD ; illustrations by Noah Grigni

HS2330 .K63 G63 2017
The second coming of the KKK : the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s and the American political tradition / Linda Gordon

HT156 .L87 1997
Return flight : community development through reneighboring our cities / Robert D. Lupton

HV40.42 .C47 2017
Philanthroparties! : a party-planning guide for kids who want to give back / Lulu Cerone

HV5275 .AL18 1955
Alcoholics anonymous : the story of how many thousand of men and women have recovered from alcoholism

HV6021 .W55 2018
The handbook of the history and philosophy of criminology / edited by Ruth Ann Triplett

HV6433 .N62 B68 2018
Boko Haram : the history of an African jihadist movement / Alexander Thurston

HV8693 .K54 2018
Punishment and crime : the limits of punitive crime control / Gary Kleck and Brion Sever

HV9471 .C57 2018
American corrections / Todd R. Clear, Michael D. Reisig, George F. Cole

-- I --

I 29.2:C 63/2018
Coal vein: a guided nature trail

I 29.2:J 78/11/2018
Geology tour road / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, Joshua Tree National Park

I 29.21:D 49/4/2018
Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

I 29.21:F 66/2018
Florissant Fossil Beds: Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

I 29.21:M 31/3/2018
Manassas National Battlefield Park, Virginia / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

I 29.21:V 66/4/2017
Vicksburg : Vicksburg National Military Park, Louisiana/Mississippi

I 29.6/6:SA 5/2/2017
Sand Creek Massacre : Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, Colorado

I 29.8:P 23/4/2018
National park system / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

-- J --

JC585 .M59 2016
The politics of virtue : post-liberalism and the human future / John Milbank and Adrian Pabst

JF515 .R63 2011
Robert's rules of order, newly revised / Henry M. Robert

JV51 .C64 2015
Colonial discourse and post-colonial theory : a reader

JZ1480 .A55 S43 2018
U.S. foreign policy and Muslim women's human rights / Kelly J. Shannon

-- K --

K247.6 .R46 2018
Cheating : ethics in everyday life / Deborah L. Rhode

K5250 .G57 2017
Understanding transitional justice : a struggle for peace, reconciliation, and rebuilding / Giada Girelli

KF3989 .C68 2017
Law for recreation and sport managers / Doyice J. Cotten, Sport Risk Consulting & John T. Wolohan, Syracuse University

KF4750 .B55 2017 V.1
The Bill of Rights / edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis

KF4750 .B55 2017 V.2
The Bill of Rights / edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis

KF8742 .U17 2016 V.1
The U.S. Supreme Court / edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis

KF8742 .U17 2016 V.2
The U.S. Supreme Court / edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis

KF8742 .U17 2016 V.3
The U.S. Supreme Court / edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis

KF9217 .C75 2017 V.1
The Criminal Justice System / edited by Michael K. Hooper, Ruth E. Masters

KF9217 .C75 2017 V.2
The Criminal Justice System / edited by Michael K. Hooper, Ruth E. Masters

KF9217 .C75 2017 V.3
The Criminal Justice System / edited by Michael K. Hooper, Ruth E. Masters

-- L --

LB1025.3 .C56 2003
Classroom teaching skills / James M. Cooper, general editor ; Susan R. Goldman [and others]

LB1028.3 .G72 2007 C.2
Integrating technology for meaningful learning / Mark Grabe, Cindy Grabe

LB1028.3 .G72 2007
Integrating technology for meaningful learning / Mark Grabe, Cindy Grabe

LB1028.3 .L49 2011
Teaching and learning with technology / Judy Lever-Duffy, Jean B. McDonald

LB1028.3 .R595 2000
Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer, Jack Edwards

LB1028.3 .R595 2003 CD
Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.3 .R595 2003
Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.3 .R595 2006 CD
Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.3 .R595 2006
Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.38 .K46 2007
Designing effective instruction / Gary R. Morrison, Steven M. Ross, Jerrold E. Kemp ; with contributions from Howard K. Kalman

LB1028.38 .S4 1998
Making instructional design decisions / Barbara Seels, Zita Glasgow

LB1028.43 .F67 2008 CD
The computer as an educational tool : productivity and problem solving / Richard C. Forcier, Don E. Descy

LB1028.43 .F67 2008
The computer as an educational tool : productivity and problem solving / Richard C. Forcier, Don E. Descy

LB1028.43 .M553 2003 CD
Technology tools for teachers : a Microsoft Office tutorial / Steven C. Mills, M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.43 .M553 2003
Technology tools for teachers : a Microsoft Office tutorial / Steven C. Mills, M.D. Roblyer

LB1028.5 .G42 2000
Teachers, computers, and curriculum : microcomputers in the classroom / Paul G. Geisert, Mynga K. Futrell

LB1028.5 .M6373 2002
Integrating computer technology into the classroom / Gary R. Morrison, Deborah L. Lowther

LB2369 .T8 2018
A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers / Kate L. Turabian ; revised by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup, William T. FitzGerald, and the University of Chicago Press editorial staff

LB3011 .V56 2004
Restoring school civility / Philip F. Vincent ; with David Wangaard and Paul Weimer

-- M --

ML420 .C2654 A3 2010
Composed : a memoir / Rosanne Cash

-- P --

P53.75 .K73 2018
Comprehensible and compelling : the causes and effects of free voluntary reading / Stephen D. Krashen, Sy-ying Lee, and Christy Lao

PK1722 .A2 2014
The essential Tagore / Rabindranath Tagore ; edited by Fakrul Alam, Radha Chakravarty ; foreword by Amit Chaudhuri

PN56 .P555 C36 2016
The Cambridge companion to the postcolonial novel / [edited by] Ato Quayson, University of Toronto

PN145 .M475 1992
Storytelling & the art of imagination / Nancy Mellon

PN1059 .A9 H485 2018
Jabberwalking / Juan Felipe Herrera

PN1992.4 .F47 A3 2009
American on purpose : the improbable adventures of an unlikely patriot / Craig Ferguson

PQ3983 .C66 2006
Theatre and drama in Francophone Africa [Texte imprim‚e] : a critical introduction / John Conteh-Morgan

PR428 .R46 O94 2017
The Oxford handbook of early modern English literature and religion / edited by Andrew Hiscock and Helen Wilcox

PR564 .O94 2016
The Oxford handbook of British poetry, 1660-1800 / edited by Jack Lynch

PR829 .C19 2016
The Cambridge history of the English short story / edited by Dominic Head

PR1111 .C55 G63 2002
Godly and righteous, peevish and perverse : clergy and religious in literature and letters : an anthology / compiled by Raymond Chapman

PR1863 .C43 2018
Chaucer's Book of the duchess : contexts and interpretations / edited by Jamie C. Fumo

PR2364 .E37 2006
Edmund Spenser : new and renewed directions / edited by J.B. Lethbridge

PR3095 .J56 2018
Shakespeare's lost playhouse : eleven days at Newington Butts / Laurie Johnson

PR4038 .P6 K38 2018
Jane Austen, the Secret Radical

PR4803 .H44 2013 V.3
The collected works of Gerard Manley Hopkins / general eds.: Lesley Higgins and Michael F. Suarez

PR6068 .U757 G65 2017
The golden house : a novel / Salman Rushdie

PR9196.7 .I53 S73 2003 V.1
Staging coyote's dream : an anthology of First Nations drama in English / edited by Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles

PR9199.3 .K4422 G7 1994
Green grass, running water / Thomas King

PR9199.3 .M8 A6 2015
A wilderness station : selected stories 1968-1994 / Alice Munro

PR9265.9 .M553 A93 2016
Augustown / Kei Miller

PR9359.6 .V36 2017
Present imperfect : contemporary South African writing / Andrew van der Vlies

PR9499.3 .N3 A6 2006B
Mr. Sampath, the printer of Malgudi ; The financial expert ; Waiting for the Mahatma / R.K. Narayan ; with an introduction by Alexander McCall Smith

PR9499.3 .N3 Z846 2017
R.K. Narayan : the novelist and his art / Ranga Rao

PR9499.3 .R59 G63 2008
The god of small things / Arundhati Roy

PR9499.3 .S154 M5 1988
Mistaken identity / Nayantara Sahgal

PR9619.3 .M265 A6 2008
The complete stories / David Malouf

PR9639.3 .G7 D6 2002
Dogside story / Patricia Grace

PS374 .P6 S87 2015
American political fictions : war on terrorism in contemporary American literature, culture, and politics / Peter Swirski

PS509 .S62 B47 2008
The best American spiritual writing 2008 / edited by Philip Zaleski ; introduction by Jimmy Carter

PS2025 .R5 2018
The rise of Silas Lapham : authoritative text, contexts, criticism / W. D. Howells ; edited by Paul R. Petrie

PS3551.L35774 Z46 2017
You don't have to say you love me : a memoir / Sherman Alexie

PS3552.A45 L5 2018
Little man, little man : a story of childhood / by James Baldwin and Yoran Cazac ; edited by Nicholas Boggs and Jennifer DeVere Brody

PS3561 .I483 A615 2011
11/22/63 : a novel / Stephen King

PS3563 .A7239 Z537 2018
Medievalism in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones / Shiloh Carroll

PS3623 .E96 O5 2013
On the come up : a novel, based on a true story / Hannah Weyer

PZ7 .G2588 IAG 2018
I got a chicken for my birthday / Laura Gehl ; illustrated by Sarah Horne

PZ7 .H2436 CRA 2018
Crash! boom! : a math tale / Robie H. Harris ; illustrated by Chris Chatterton

PZ7 .M4784747 FEM 2016
The female of the species / Mindy McGinnis

PZ7 .P76813 THI 2018
This story is a lie / Tom Pollock

PZ7 .P77215 WAN 2017
Want / Cindy Pon

PZ7 .R33593 GH 2016
Ghost / Jason Reynolds

PZ7 .R33593 PAT 2017
Patina / Jason Reynolds

PZ7 .S88442 DI 2017
Disappeared / Francisco X. Stork

PZ7.1.B687 HA 2018
Hazelnut days / Emmanuel Bourdier ; illustrated by ZaŤu

PZ7.1 .G5825 ABR 2018
Abracadabra! : the magic of trying / by Maria Loretta Giraldo ; illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle ; English translation by Katie ten Hagen

PZ7.1 .M3766 LE 2018
Learning to breathe / Janice Lynn Mather

PZ7.7 .A27 AKT 2018
Akissi : tales of mischief / Abouet & Sapin

-- Q --

QH46.5 .A884 2015
Amazing rare things : the art of natural history in the age of discovery / Sir David Attenborough ; Susan Owens, Martin Clayton and Rea Alexandratos

QH323.5 .G573 2016
An introduction to biostatistics / Thomas Glover, Kevin Mitchell

QL696 .F32 R65 2017
Beauty and the beak : how science, technology, and a 3D-printed beak rescued a bald eagle / by Deborah Lee Rose and Jane Veltkamp ; photos by Glen Hush, Michele Barker, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Digital Library

QP171 .B685 2012
Biochemical pathways : an atlas of biochemistry and molecular biology / edited by Gerhard Michal, Dietmar Schomburg

QP301 .W673 2016
Restless creatures : the story of life in ten movements / Matt Wilkinson

QP303 .I53 2018
Introduction to kinesiology : studying physical activity / Shirl J. Hoffman, E dD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Professor Emeritus, Duane V. Knudson, Texas State University, editors

QP401 .J64 2015
The feeling brain : the biology and psychology of emotions / Elizabeth Johnston and Leah Olson

-- R --

R834.5 .L4 2018
First aid for the USMLE step 1, 2018 : a student to student guide / [edited by] Tao Le [and six others]

R850 .D78 2018
Nutrition research : concepts and applications / Karen Eich Drummond, EdD, RDN, LDN, FAND, Lecturer, Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, Former Principal Investigator, Eat. Right. Now Nutrition, Former Didactic Program in Dietetics Director, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alison Murphy-Reyes, MS, RD, Dietetic Internship Director, Sodexo Health Care Services, Allentown, Pennsylvania

RA982 .N5 B525 2016
Bellevue : three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America's most storied hospital / David Oshinsky

RC628 .K45 2018
Obesity / Evelyn B. Kelly

RC1210 .A749 2016
Essentials of athletic injury management / William E. Prentice, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA, Professor, Coordinator of the Sports Medicine Specialization, Department of Exercise and Sports Science, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

RC1218 .C45 P34 2017
Oxford textbook of children's sport and exercise medicine / edited by Neil Armstrong, Professor of Paediatric Physiology, Founding Director of the Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre, and Formerly Provost of the University of Exeter, United Kingdom and Willem Van Mechelen, Professor of Occupational and Sports Medicine, Director of the Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute, VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam, the Netherlands

RG101 .E87 2016
Hacker & Moore's essentials of obstetrics & gynecology / [edited by] Neville F. Hacker, MD, Professor of Gynaecologic Oncology, Conjoint, University of New South Wales, Director, Gynaecological Cancer Centre, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia, Joseph C. Gambone, DO, MPH, Executive Editor, Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Attending Physician, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Private Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology Practice, Durango, Colorado, Calvin J. Hobel, MD, Miriam Jacobs Chair in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor of Pediatrics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, California

-- S --

SB433 .B269 2014
Turfgrass history and literature : lawns, sports and golf / James B, Harriet J., and James C Beard

-- T --

T11 .M346 2018
Technical communication / Mike Markel, Boise State University, Stuart A. Selber, Penn State University

TL245 .A4813 2016
Aerodynamics of road vehicles

TL540 .S25 H64 2003
Wings of madness : Alberto Santos-Dumont and the invention of flight / Paul Hoffman

-- U --

U22 .E854 2018
The ethics of war and peace revisited : moral challenges in an era of contested and fragmented sovereignty / Daniel R. Brunstetter and Jean-Vincent Holeindre, editors

U167.5 .C92 U54 2017
Understanding cyber conflict : 14 analogies / George Perkovich, Ariel E. Levite, editors

UA12 .K286 2018
Building militaries in fragile states : challenges for the United States / Mara E. Karlin

UA23 .G643 2015
National security and double government / Michael J. Glennon

UA23 .K783 2018
The logic of American nuclear strategy : why strategic superiority matters / Matthew Kroenig

-- Y --

Y 1.3:S.PUB. 115-12
The Senate Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper / prepared under the direction of the Senate Sergeant at Arms

Y 1.3:S.PUB. 115-9/ADD.
Chairmen of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Y 1.3:S.PUB. 115-9
The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Suite / prepared under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate by the Office of Senate Curator

-- Z --

Z1019 .J37 2017
Silenced in the library : banned books in America / Zeke Jarvis

Z5984.37 .C37 E47 2017
The Caribbean story finder : a guide to 438 tales from 24 nations and territories, listing subjects and sources / Sharon Barcan Elswit