CU FIND Faculty Profiles

In order to support scholarly communication activities at Campbell University, Wiggins Memorial Library created CU Find that runs on the BePress Digital Commons platform. CU FIND is a two-pronged service. Firstly, CU FIND is an online faculty profile system that showcases Campbell University members’ achievements in research, teaching, and professional service. Each profile provides space to cite or link to one’s research, highlight teaching accomplishments, list service commitments, and provide basic information such as a professional biography, grants, and degrees. Secondly, CU FIND serves as an institutional repository to preserve and provide access to Campbell University’s intellectual output. The repository currently hosts more than 3,500 articles, presentations, and abstracts. Together, these services showcase the breadth of Campbell University's scholarly work.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty who wish to create a profile may submit a current CV using this form.

Student Research Collection

Students may submit research (e.g., poster, presentation, white paper, or article) that has been approved by faculty. Please see this policy for more details. CPHS student research may be submitted using this CPHS form. All other students use this form.


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